Tuesday, September 04, 2007

one persons happiness is another's stress....

David Mc Mahon is sitting in Melbourne, Australia, blissfully unaware of the ripple effects of his blog.....it all started innocently enough...each week he asks a question, and all around blogland, people post their takes on the subject. (BTW his one last week about 'do you believe in ghosts?' brought about some fascinating stories and photos.) Anyway this week's question was simple and uncontroversial ......at least one would think so.... he asked 'what makes you happy?'

I visited Mrs Nesbitt's blog yesterday and read her very eloquent response, it was delightful and heartwarming and sincere, but DANGEROUS!!!! I am not at ALL in favour of censorship, but in view of the radical and threatening contents, I had to warn Mr Farty (strangely apt nickname coined by Kirsty, coincidentally also from Oz, boy you guys are good at instigating!!!) that he must at all costs avoid reading Mrs Nesbitt's post.

I mean, this is serious stuff, if he did, he might find out that there are husbands whose wives make sure the house is tidy for them to come home to, and they have hot uncarbonised meals waiting for them!

Unfortunately, Mr F can't resist a challenge, and soon enlightened himself as to the contents.
So instead of telling him that C and I weren't hungry (due to a gargantuan lunch we treated ourselves to at a restaurant earlier in the day..hee hee) so he should just sort himself out at KFC...AGAIN...... I went on a guilt trip, and rushed off to prepare a warm meal for the poor hardworking man.

I found some par-baked tramezzini in the fridge, all I had to do was toast them and add a bit of chicken stir fry filling, and a salad on the side, easy peasy, right? ........wrong....

I apparently have the attention span of a gnat when cooking, so while making the salad, C asked what that horrible smell was?...uh oh, attempt no 1 up in flames. So I popped another under the grill, and carried on with the chicken. This time I said "what's that awful smell?... followed by some othe rwords which i don't want my grandson to learn so it was good he wasn't here! Anyway 3rd time lucky, and there on the right you see the perfect result!

Anyway Denise, you have created a monster, because this morning, as I was groping my way upwards through puffy clouds of sleep, I finally emerged to face today, and the first thing I heard was "Coffee is nice! So naturally I gently suggested that Mr F went to make some, only to be told that Mrs Nesbitt would have jumped out of bed and offered to make it!!!

So David, what makes me happy?..............eating take-aways and not having to make coffee 1st thing in the morning before I am properly awake! hee hee.
(Luckily, after 31 blissful years together, Mr F knows what to expect, and seems happy anyway!!)


Janet said...

Oh, I can really relate to this post! I'm a terror in the kitchen. My hubby keeps telling me the smoke detector is not a timer! I can burn water!!

Now I'm off to read Denise's post.

mrsnesbitt said...


What a hoot!

PS Say Hi to your hubby and tell him I do great take-away sandwiches at an inflated price, but for neglected hubbies I do a special rate...I charge double!


Max-e said...

This is what you call true love - burnt offerings. But then I married her for her mind and her sparkling personality not her cooking - as I recall, shortly after we met the boiled eggs that were mean't for breakfast were converted to charcoal - not a pretty sight. LOL.

RUTH said...

LOL....I must admit I was an "old fashioned" housewife...Mick always had tea in bed etc etc...not that he ever expected it...it was just that I always woke up first! I'll make a promise...if you ever get over to England and care to drop by and stay the night...I'll bring BOTH of you coffee/tea in bed :o)

kirsty said...

Oh dear, I hope that nickname doesn't stick!! My apologies, Mr F.
My mama clearly falls into the category of Wives Who Cook, but I don't! Things have changed quite dramatically over one or two generations!

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Oz, Suzi-K,

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving that wonderful comment.

I love welcoming new readers and as I said in my reply, any friend of Max is a friend of mine.

I do like the welcoming tone of your writing and your sense of humour.

Do keep in touch, please. I am just finishing off my second novel for Penguin, so I might not be yoour most regular visitor for th next eight weeks - but you are on my radar, for sure.

Keep smiling


Suzi-k said...

definitely two camps here, sort of haves and have-nots scenario, the haves are ruth and mrs N and kirsty's mom, whose have the skills and desire to do well in the kitchen, and their spoilt families, the have-nots are me kirsty janet, and our deprived yet strangely happy families. (We must have other assets to make up for our deficiencies!!) Ruth, you're on, coffee in bed sounds definitley worth the cost of an airfare, thanks for the invitation!
David....hope the novel goes well, will stay in touch.

the glenarys said...

Well HoppieDooh, it's taken a long while but I've finally realised that we would be wise to only come to dinner every third time you ask us! (the take-outs you served last time weren't bad though - and they looked quite convincing served from your dishes).
We must 'do' scoff again soon.

Suzi-k said...

hey hilarity, traitor, giving away trade secrets. (Actually it's a brilliant idea, wish I'd thought of it!) I wonder if Macdonalds tastes less like cardboard if served on a handpainted stoneware plate?!!! thanks for stopping by,

Max-e said...

Mrs Nesbitt, I will gladly pay double for your sandwiches - double is cheap - I paid treble for the tramezzini

RUTH said...

The kettles on waiting...:o)