Wednesday, September 05, 2007

signs of the times

Only in South Africa.......................

In a small rural town like Victoria West, stuck away in the arid Karoo region of the Cape, they are so proud to have a Springbok rugby player coming from their town, that they named a museum after him! It is a quaint little store selling antiques and collectables, with a room attached full of rugby memorabilia, and a coffee shop, which, appropriately enough, seems to sell sweats! (I can just picture a bunch of brawny sweaty rugby players comming here to order their sweets and dessert!)
And this one translates from the Afrikaans as "Attention, fresh farm petrol sold here, thank you very much!"


Janet said...

Signs are fun and misspelled signs are great! Don't you just want to try some sweat treats!!

RUTH said...

Sweat treats and rugby players...interesting combination. Fresh Farm Petrol? they also sell stale farm petrol ;o)