Monday, September 10, 2007


Along the coast from Port Elizabeth, past the point of the Bay known as Cape Receife, toward Cape Town, is a cute little village called Schoenmakerskop, (literal translation shoe makers head!) which is affectionately known as Schoenies.

It consists of a string of cottages along the cliffs, overlooking some parallel bands of rock which form lovely rock pools as the tide goes out.
The view towards Capetown is wonderful.
The residents are a close-knit community who fiercely guard the environment around them.
The great thing about Schoenies is that, if you want to see whales, you will hardly ever be disappointed there.
It boasts a little restaurant (indifferent food and service, stunning views!) and not much else. So yesterday we went there for lunch, and a stroll. The restaurant is called the Sacramento, after a ship that went down here in the 17th century. It was salvaged a few years ago, and one of the canons is still there as a memorial to those who died.
Mr Farty went down the boardwalk to the base of the cliff (I chickened out because the old knee didn't fancy the climb back.)
And we did see lots of whales, but far away, so sorry, crumby photos again.


RUTH said...

Exciting photos....:o) Yet another place to add to my wish list.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Mr.Farty? LOL!!!
Thank you for the delightful links the other day, you had me drooling over Dr. whats-his-nuts photos of Antarctica!!! Brill!

Janet said...

I love going on these little jaunts with you. And when you mention Mr Farty I always have to chuckle!!