Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the final countdown

Well by all accounts, tomorrow should be a big day.....firstly because our granddaughter is due to make her appearance in the early morning (ceasarian) and secondly because it is my 1st blogiversary, so the draw for the giveaway painting will take place. (If you haven't entered yet, go to this post and leave a comment.)

Normal life (for me a balancing act between painting and researching the history of our suburb, for a book) has been on hold a bit lately, with the kids staying and all the excitement of getting ready for the new arrival, but tomorrow they will move into the fancy hospital suite, and from there to a seaside cottage they have rented for the rest of their stay, before returning to the nether regions of the continent.

And today, I realised with a jolt that my next solo exhibition, in East London towards the end of October, is looming, so I need to get my butt into gear!

The Hotel at the Port is in the process of negotiating with new operators, so we got to go down there on Monday afternoon for a meeting, it was great to be back there, even if only for a short time.
We had an excellent dinner in the Port Hole Restaurant, before retuning home.
The view was great.
I must also hand out bouquets to our local municipality. Last week I wrote telling them of the anti-social behaviour in the Park opposite us, and yesterday they fitted floodlights to the streetlamps, facing in on the Park. Great service!
There has also been a notable increase in visible Policing, in fact the trail of red lights in this picture is from a passing Police van. I hope that this makes it a less attractive place for those responsible for the illegal nocturnal activities!


kirsty said...

I can't imagine there is anything more exciting than a new grandbaby! Congratulations!!

RUTH said...

What an exciting day you have ahead. Will be thinking of you all :o)

Janet said...

How exciting to have a new grandbaby to hug and snuggle and spoil! I'll be thinking of you. Congratulations!!!!