Saturday, September 08, 2007

blog travel

One of my favourite things about blogging is the fact that I get to 'travel' all over the world, on a miniscule budget!

And not just to the tired old tourist standards, that I can see on any travel poster, but also to the magic 'secret spots', those quiet everyday places around people's homes, the sort of spot a tourist would generally whizz past on the way to some major attraction. The sort of spot that, as a resident, you take for granted, until you become a blogger.

Then you begin to see your surroundings through different eyes, and realise that, while they may be routine to you, they are fresh, fascinating, possibly even exotic to those from different parts of the world.
I often see comments from bloggers, sick and tired of long grey snow bound winters, surfing the posts of those from the opposite hemisphere, and relishing the pictures of bright sunny surroundings and masses of summer flowers. Conversely, there are those sweltering in heatwaves, who are refreshed by images of rain and snow.

So here are a few links to some of the blogtravel I have enjoyed recently.... (not at all comprehensive, it takes ages to find them, but it's a start.

Cheesy of williamette valley Oregon usa, went here last weekend to do some deliveries...
and Terry of Portland Oregon has wonderful scenery on the Fanno Creek trail for her daily strolls (see Fruitful post.) She has also recently shown us great images of Mexico.
Sheila from Ontario, Canada is a well travelled lady who has a gift for showing her travels in a really interesting way.
Over in the UK, Ruth who lives in Suffolk has shown us some great outings to the surrounding villages, including this one of tree carvings in Bellevue Park, Sudbury.
And CJ, originally a South African, now lives in Otter Ferry, Scotland. She has shown us the scenery on her way to work here and here.
Shirley Goodwin showed us some lovely views from her home in Oamaru Creek new Zealand. She has now moved to Christchurch, so I look forward to some cool views of that soon!
Her friend Donald Lousely has a fabulous site showing views of central otagu.
Ali from Te Puna near Tauranga, also in New Zealand, showed us the unique Moeraki boulders on south island. It is worth browsing through her archives, she does very informative posts on growing kiwi fruit and other farming activities we might not see otherwise.
In Australia, Kirsty from Queensland visited Sydney, and showed us glimpses of the picturesque suburb of Balmain. She also gave a fascinating glimpse into an outback farmstead, but I can't find the link, as soon as I get it I will post it for you.
And of course, here in Africa, I often do posts to show our country.
Then, there is one with no particular country, but probably the most travel... 1000 days nonstop at sea chronicles the voyage of Reid and Soanya on a lovely old schooner.
But I have saved, what is for me, the best for last... an old blog now, but full of the most wonderful images of Antarctica....stunning stuff!

Bon Voyage!


Janet said...

Wow! Great links....thanks for sharing them. I agree with you that blogging lets me "travel" all around, too. It's great for me because in real life I'm not a good traveler!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Before I start clicking away, I want to say Hello! How are you? I hope you are well. Thank you for the links, I love visiting new blogs. I love the virtual travelling too.

Ali Honey said...

Well, that was rather a long coffee break I just gave myself.....I seemed to get side tracked ....don't know how!

Thanks Suzi for the link and all the other wonderful places to wing to at the click of a mouse.

The beach you visited looked remote and beautiful; I would have been down those stairs with my camera, but your view from the top was great.

RUTH said...

It is great fun to blogtravel. Thank you so much for the mention. Always happy to have you visit :o)