Friday, November 09, 2007

Chasing Baddies!

I was visiting a friend today, whose house overlooks the valley at the edge of the park in front of our house. They have spectacular views right across the bay, on a clear day the unspoilt dunes on the other side show clearly.

We were chatting away when suddenly our voices were drowned out by the sound of a helicopter, and there it was, hovering outside. We went to check out what was happening... and it was the Police, hunting for a criminal hiding in the bushes to the left of Albany Road, and showing the dog unit where to go.

We could not believe the skill of the pilot, the wind was howling in strong gusts, and they were swooping down so low amongst the trees that we were holding our breath!

In this one, you can see the Police van behind the trees, while the helicopter hovers above.

Here one of the crew hangs right out of the chopper, looking for the elusive fugitive.

Unfortunately, we never did get to see if an arrest was made. Notch up another day in the exciting life of Port Elizabeth's crimefighters!


Shirley Goodwin said...

Amazing what helicopter pilots can do! And love that painting below - what a shame it vanished!

Andrea said...

Great shot of that helicopter.

Oswegan said...

Wow, now that's entertainment!


RUTH said...

Great photos :o) Our Police Helicopter practices over the woodland near my house. It can get very noisy when they are overhead.

Mike said...

Wow, now that is a spectacular view!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Over here we have the Greater Manchester Police Helicoptor 'India 99' flying over quite a lot.

Apart from arrests it looks for lost children, traffic congestion and accidents.. but another duty it performs is at night it picks up the 'Heat' from buildings used to grow cannibis... then the ground police move in. It's nice to know the police are there doing a good job, we hear so much negative comments about them at times.
Great blog,

imac said...

Wooo, excitment.
Great story photos.

Suzi-k said...

hehe, it is entertaining, who needs movies when real life around here is a thrill a minute!

Ruth, I heard something interesting recently, the noise from the helicopter that gives it that eggbeater sound is the tips of the rotors making mini sonic booms as they break the sound barrier!

Tom, interesting, especially the heat seeking cannabis thing! do people grow it on rooftops? I wonder how the cops can tell the diff between cannabis, and some poor chap growing herbs and tomatoes on his balcony!!