Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Telephone pole and wild flowers

This is soon going to be a thing of the past, I guess. In a few years from now our grandchildren will react the same way to these photos of telephone lines as our kids did when we explained about having to make duplicates with a roneo machine that made purple copies, or using carbon paper and having to rewrite the whole thing if a mistake was made!

These days, even tiny kids are conversant with cellphones,

And even old fossils use skype, e-mail or the internet to communicate. When was the last time you hand wrote a letter and sent it via snail mail?

If you REALLY want to get your point across, you can always get a job as a radio deejay, and communicate on a grand scale! (It is great fun, especially if you get to choose your own music!)
Either way, the world is open to us, and I for one am loving it! I so appreciate all the new friends I have met around the world, I love being able to armchair travel and see the world through different eyes, to get into deep discussions with and enjoy the creativity of people halfway across the planet, and yes, I wonder how we ever lived without delete and backspace buttons!

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