Monday, November 19, 2007

a perfect day to play in the bay!

Well, after a decent night's sleep on Saturday, I decided after the Sunday morning visit that it was time to get a bit of fresh air and blow the cobwebs out of my brain. So I took my camera and prowled around taking photos for our new blog. (Max and I are doing a joint one in the City Daily Photo community, called, not surprisingly, Port Elizabeth Daily Photo.)

It is a different type of blog, because you are restricted to one photo a day (imagine me, Mrs "more is more" having to select!!) and the sort of photos are also a bit different. The 'shoot through the windscreen at 120km/hr just to give an impression of how things look' is not quite the thing there... being a photo blog rather than a personal chatty space, the pics need to be a bit better. So it is fun re-evaluating our existing pix, and looking for places to take new ones.

It was so beautiful and tropical looking as I drove past, the sea was a deep royal blue blending to turquoise in the shallows

So, on impulse, I invited the kids to lunch at the Boardwalk complex at the beachfront.

The design is apparently based on a Californian theme park sort of look. Personally, despite the fact that I love American architecture (after all many of the modern iconic buildings worldwide are the brainchildren of American architects) I think it is a shame that the developers didn't use the opportunity to express the unique blend of 1st world/3rd world and Africa meets the West which is so characteristic of P.E.

Also, the complex is on prime beachfront land, overlooking the Hobie Beach and Shark Rock Pier, where I recently showed you some dolphins swimming past. But it has been built in a circle looking inwards onto a manmade lake. You can't see the sea from it at all! Ok so my grumbles aside, it is still a cool and attractive place to hang out, and on Sunday even more so, because they were having a jazz festival. There is a sort of floating island in the lake, and the musicians played from there, so that the music could be enjoyed in all the restaurants and cafes around the perimeter.

It was just what we needed after the stress of the past week, and also gave some great photo opportunities for future posts on the PE Daily Photo blog.


Mike said...

Oh gosh, THAT'S where the sun disappeared to!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I had to giggle at Mike's comment.. good luck with the new blog... I hope Max is doing well. It is a painful operation to have. The cut took me a while to get over. You are both in my thoughts

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Fantastic photos, Suze.
I am playing catchup but had heard about your hubby from glad he is feeling better again. What a scare! Life is so precious isn't it? When we are threatened with a health scare-we realize it all the more.

RUTH said...

Looks a fabulous place to 'chill out'. It's important that you look after YOU too. Hugs to you both