Wednesday, November 21, 2007

wood and trees

Before the wheels fell off last week, (wow was it only a week ago, it feels a WHOLE lot longer!!) I had decided to do a carpentry project. Our passage is long and has a large and ugly electricity db practically in your face when you walk in the front door. And our overflow of books is reaching epic proportions.

So I decided to build a bookshelf from some big solid planks I bought on an auction years ago and have been carting around ever since. I got it half done, and there it stood. So yesterday I decided to finish it off. Well, to be more accurate, I got it to the stage where it will stand up and hold books without disintegrating, bearing in mind that my carpentry skills are less than impressive! And sometime in the FAAAAAR future I will sand it and paint it! But for now, all the heaps of books all over the house have a new home, and are even sorted in some sort of logical order, so it feels good. And I hinged one of my framed paintings onto it, so there is a door that hides the ugly electric box.
before after

As you know by now, I adore this time of year because the jacarandas are flowering.

Here are a couple I shot in Uitenhage last week on my way back from one of the hospital visits.

And here is one just round the corner from our house, taken at lunchtime today. As you can see, the blue seas and skies of last weekend are a thing of the past, and there are warnings of heavy rain and possible flash floods today! Actually a bit of rain will be welcome, it is really dry here.


imac said...

Nice bit of good work there, Now I know where to come if I want some shelves putting up.haha.

Am now back on line, the saga continues-----

kirsty said...

tooooo clever!!

CJ said...

OK, you've just up the stakes I can do, crafts I can do, photography weeeeel yea, but carpentry! Yikes! Those may not be painted but they look pretty impressive from the pics! Ooooh and those Jacarandas are gorgeous!

Jenty said...

Goodness, that's clever! I love the way you've hung the photo in front of the electrical box. I need to do something similar.

The jacarandas have mostly finished flowering here, which is a pity.

Old Wom Tigley said...

What a good job you did there... I like how you hid the eletric box...
That tree in bloom is stunning.
All the best to you and Max

RUTH said...

Well done Suzi That looks a professional job :o) I'd never heard of jacarandas until last year and would love to see one in the flesh. Such a fabulous tree.
Love & Hugs

Red Ink said...

I love your blog Soooooooooooooz-k !

I just hate you through for that irreverent title - why didn't I think of that ! It's so kool. The place is so full of posers isn't it.

Also - what is this ... Jacaranda Wars ? I have two beauties out (I mean in flower") in my garden right now. Also, I have a corridor that is empty and a house that is overflowing with books. I can see a project coming on.

Thanks for cheering me up today.


Suzi-k said...

hehe, i suspect if you could see the gaps in the joints and the crooked screws up close, you may be less impressed. but hey, it does the job!

hey Ruth, get your butt into gear and win the lottery! the offer still stands!

Jenty, if you have a framed picture that will fit comfortably over it, most framing shops will add a hinged box frame to the back to push it away from the wall and allow you to access the DB easily.

CJ ya but you can bake without burning, and sew and knit... Quits?

Sonia said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my current post. Love so much your bookshelf and all decoration around! Well done, you did a good job! Just great the place where you hang your painting. Love your hall (corredor in Portuguese) with the beautiful wood's floor! Very charming also the lamp on the ceiling! Would be great to seeing another photos of your house, in door and off door.

Have a Wonderful New Year!