Friday, June 08, 2007

epiphyllum and a journey

I popped in to visit deb at red shoe ramblings, and was blown away by the stunning pix she has been posting of her Cereus flowers (check it out here, ).

It reminded me of a stunning plant we had several years and a few homes ago, so i ended up doing major research to try and find it. Turns out it was an epiphyllum and looked like this (picture lifted off the web).... i wish i could find the pix i took at the time, because it was a huge luminous flower and this does not really do it justice, but it flowered prolifically and for a few days. it was worth putting up with the scraggly tatty looking plant the rest of the year, just for that glorious show each Christmas!

But another outcome of the whole cactus flower search is that it has finally galvanised me into action to fulfil a promise i made ages ago. So today I am editing all the photos we took in Graaff Reinet, (bear with me, we went a bit moggy so there are tons to get through) and tomorrow you can sit down in a comfy chair, grab some coffee, (a piece of cake too if you like) and go on a journey there. You might want to pack some stuff in an overnight bag, because it is such a cool place, I think we may need to spend a few days there!


Deb R said...

Oh wow, I see what you mean! That flower is structured just like the cereus, only a different color. They must be some sort of cousins, don't you think! Thanks for posting the pic.

RUTH said...

Shall bring my toothbrush! Beautiful flowers.

Sheila said...

This is a perfect colour for a flower that blooms at Christmas..I'll come back and see your photos tomorrow..