Monday, June 25, 2007

yawn, another meme

Here’s something I saw on Deb’s blog and it looked like fun. I must be something of an an egotist, I enjoy meme’s!

This is a finish-the-sentence setup.

My Roommate and I once had a house warming party. This turned out to be a really good thing, because we decided that, to stop the neighbours complaining about the noise, we would invite them along…. Max was one of them. We met, fell in love and were married 10 weeks later… that was 31 years ago and he’s still my most favourite human being on the planet!!

Never in my life have I been to Scandinavia (or 90% of the rest of the planet for that matter, but I am determined to remedy that soon, time to start scratching the itchy feet.)

High school was not my favourite. I think I made it worse by being a rebel, so a lot of the bad vibes were self inflicted.

When I am nervous I talk too fast.

My hair is thin and weedy and badly behaved, so I keep it short.

When I was 5 I started school. I remember an incident where there was a giant green toad in the playground and we were warned not to touch it because they are poisonous… like anyone in their right mind would want to touch a luminous green toad the size of a soccer ball!

By this time next year I hope we will have returned from a trip to UK. (Also we will have doubled the amount of our grandchildren!)

My favorite aunt is non-existent, both my parents were only kids.

I have a hard time understanding how people who are habitually dishonest or cruel live with themselves!

You know I like you if …..boy have I struggled with this one! For 2 main reasons. 1) I like nearly everyone. I like people for their faults as well as their good points, it makes them human, so you have to really be a jerk over and over for me to decide that I don’t like you. 2.) I guess as a reaction to the colonial snobbishness of my family, and the endless judging of who was up to scratch and who was “beneath us”, I passionately go the opposite way, and treat everyone with the same friendliness and dignity, whether it is the Queen of England or the guy who collects our garbage. I believe that (oooh watch out, the soapbox just appeared!!!) a person’s worth has nothing to do with position or wealth or fame or some accident of birth that makes them “someone”. Each person has their own intrinsic value, and some humble folk who wouldn’t be looked at twice in society are deeply special, wise, valuable people, while many “old money” or ‘famous through the media’ types are shallow, selfish and not such valuable human beings. Because of this, I once earned the nickname “sunshine Suzi”.
So on the surface it would be hard to tell who I like and who I don’t. I guess the people who have really been such jerks that they have earned my dislike are subjected to less of the warm friendly sunshine rays, there is a bit more frostiness, but still usually respect or politeness. But even the ones I like are seldom invited beyond a certain threshold, into my inner life and home. If I really click with someone on a deeper level, then they will get beyond arms length friendliness. (It wasn’t always like this, but being so friendly opens you up to a lot of manipulation and being used and sucked dry by ‘needy types’ and I have had to learn to protect myself to some degree.)
Whew, and that was probably supposed to be a simple question with a single sentence answer….oh the complexities of humankind!!

My ideal breakfast is late in the morning, and includes a nice strong cup of coffee.

If you visit my hometown you are lucky because it is lovely!

If you spend the night at my house you will wake up to a view across the bay, because the guest room overlooks the park, and I may even bring you coffee in bed if I wake up first.

My favorite blond is my grandson!

My favorite brunette is Max (well used to be brunette, more like silver fox these days!)

The animal I would like to see flying is our white cat when I kick her butt for scratching the furniture. Unfortunately I can never catch her, and as she is stone deaf, it is no good shouting when you hear her at it in the middle of the night!

I shouldn’t have been so greedy with the chocolate this weekend!

Last night I slept like a baby…. This is highly unusual in the life of a serial insomniac, so I feel very chirpy on the threshold of the Monday morning!

I’ve been told I look like lots of people, apparently I have a few doubles in town.

If I could have any car it would be a sexy metallic blue BMW Z3 roadster, (but it would have to be a second car for special occasions because I really mess up my everyday car and load huge stuff into it and get paint on the carpets and never wash it….it would be a shame to treat the beamer like that!)

PS speaking of beamers, 2 and a half year old Ethan’s speech is coming along nicely, but there are one or 2 words he miss-pronounces, no matter how hard you try to correct him. He adores cars, and has a plastic BMW…. whenever you ask him what it is he triumphantly says “BUMMER”. So I’m afraid that has become a new word in our family…. Do you drive a Bummer? (I know Kirsty would say YES and she wouldn’t mean a BMW either!!!!)


RUTH said...

You know why I like you.....because of your answer to "you know I like you". I am in so much agreement with everything you said.
All your other "finish ups" were great too...Mick and I were love at first sighters and married within a few months.

Ali Honey said...

I'm glad you didn't give a single sentence answer! ( that would have been a bummer!) I really thought about your answer; much as I hate memes. I guess their value is it allows one to discuss things which might not have otherwise surfaced! Cheers!

Sheila said...

I enjoy friendships with people from all walks of life too. How boring it would be if we were all the same.
I admire your ability to do these memes, I love to read them but hate to do them..!

Janet said...

Your answer about why you like people was just perfect. I think too many times we are judged by something like appearance, address, or job and that is just a small part of who we are. The internet seems to take away some of those things and that's great!

And I love your choice of cars, too!!