Tuesday, June 12, 2007

yippee, look who's back!!

It all started because I very reluctantly had to go and collect some curtains from a client, to make alterations. On my way back i spotted some unusually black smoke on the horizon, so i decided to do a detour and investigate. It was either coming from the garbage tip, or the airport runway which runs next to it.

This was as close as I could get, it transpired that an enormous heap of car tyres at the tip had caught fire. Apparently it is going to take a while for the fire department to extinguish it.

Anyway I was so close to Schoenmakerskop by then, and I suddenly remembered that it is June already, so I decided to pop down and see if the whales had arrived yet. They are usually here from June till September, in our winter, in order to breed and calve. Then in September they make their way south, and spend the Antarctic summer feeding on the rich krill, which sustains them during the journey north to us.
Much to my delight, there they were! They were playing around far out to sea, so the photos aren't great, but now that they are here, I will have 3 months to try and get some better ones!


RUTH said...

What an incredible sight to see...the whales that is not the fire...I bet the smell was horrible from those tyres.

Suzi-k said...

yes luckily i was no downwind of it, because it smells gross!
The whales are very special, it sounds corny, but even if they are so far away that you just see the plume of spray from their breathing, it still feels like a privilege to be around them