Sunday, June 17, 2007

A reunion

The internet is such an amazing tool, I find it hard to imagine life without it! But I have hardly scratched the surface of what it can do, having only had full time broadband for a relatively short and hectic time. I have often heard the cliche that the internet has turned the world into a global village, and I experience that already with the friendships I have made whilst blogging, but this weekend it took on a whole new dimension.

I was amazed when Max got an email the other day from a relative who had done a google search and came up with his details! She is the daughter of one of his cousins (he has a HUGE and convoluted family and we have not been very good about keeping track of everyone!)

The last time we saw Wendy, she was about 14, and we stayed with her family for a few days when our brother in law was murdered during the war in Zimbabwe.
Here she is with her brother Michael in happier times a few years prior to that. That last visit was in 1977, so to get an email 30 years later, having completely lost touch in the interrim, was a wonderful surprise.

Even more amazing was the fact that her father Peter now lives in Port Elizabeth.... of all the towns on the planet, what are the odds of ending up in the same one on the Southern tip of Africa?!!
Wendy was in town visiting her dad and his wife this weekend, so we arranged a meeting.
It is a little daunting, when we last saw Peter we were in our early twenties, and he was 30, so it was hard to imagine that he is now 60 and little Wendy in her mid 40s! We wondered if we would recognise them, and if we would have anything to say....but it was incredible, as soon as they walked into the restaurant we knew it was them. Aside from grey hair her dad looks so much the same, and Wendy looks a lot like her mom.
So we all sat around catching up on old memories and filling in the gaps in each other's lives.... it was really great!
Here we are, unfortunately Peter is mostly hidden, Wendy is on the left.
Meanwhile the work continues at an obsessive pace!


RUTH said...

What an incredible story, though tinged with sadness at the loss of your brother in law in such sad circumstances.. It gives me hope that one day the magic of the Internet will help me track down a painting that was done of my darling husband. I hope you don't mind if i advertise that particular post here:-)
you just never know!

Sheila said...

What a lovely surprise, after so many years. I'm glad you were all able to get together. i hope it will be the first of many visits together.
Looks like you are doing another of those piccies I love so much..