Thursday, June 07, 2007

Whew now for some breathing space!

Hi, well there were a few reasons I couldn't post yesterday.

  • the much proclaimed and celebrated adsl was down (GGGGRRRRR, Telkom in their infinite wisdom disconnected it because they said it hadn't been activated, despite the fact that it had not only been activated, but was working busily for 3 days!)

  • I decided to make soup for the opening of the exhibition... clearly in a moment of insanity! I don't need to tell you about me and my culinary skills, let's just say that producing those 3 pots of soup (split pea and ham; tomato bacon and orange; leek and potato) and cleaning the kitchen afterwards was more stressful than producing all the paintings for the exhibition in the space of a month!

Here is the aftermath....eeek

  • I had to deliver all the paintings to the gallery for hanging,

here they are all packaged and ready to go...

And Heidi did a great job of hanging them.

Anyway it went really well, there was a good turnout and 7 have sold so far.

Here I am with the gallery owner, Heidi

K and J came along with Ethan, he was very good, and as usual he charmed everyone!

So now we wait, the exhibition runs for 2 weeks, so I am definitely going to take it easier for a few days and recover from the last month!

Last weekend, while I stayed home to finalise the paintings, Max took K,J & E to Homeleigh Farm. It is a smallholding on the outskirts of town which has been set up very successfully as a restaurant and petting farm for kids to inter-act with farm animals, as well as play on an old bus, jungle jim etc.

How would you like a face like this?!!! To give you an idea of the size of the ostriches, here you can see them with Max. (These are females, seen by the grey plumage. The black and white males are quite a bit taller.)

I just love the expressiveness of kid's faces:
this was the beautiful sky, seen from our dining room window early this morning. The air has that crisp winter clarity, and the dunes across the bay were so clear, glowing in the early light.


Janet said...

Your paintings look so good all hung in the gallery. You must be very proud. I can't believe you made 3 kinds of soup!! I would fear I'd poison everyone if I cooked!
Ethan is just the cutest little guy with all those curls! I love the collage of all his expressions.

Laura Albertyn said...

Wow - it all looks amazing!! Well done you!! All that hard work - sure it will pay off!!

Big hugs to all!!

Love Laus