Wednesday, June 13, 2007

hot off the press..... a winter morning at 34 degrees south.

Hi, well here it is, almost in real time (it takes a bit of time to download, edit and upload).
I haven't posted any "from my front door" shots for ages, although I am still taking them, I plan to do a big collage at the end of the year.
But I thought I'd show you sundown at 5pm last night,
and almost sunrise at 7am today.
Last night a cold front blew in, and the clouds were interesting...we had a few drops of rain but nothing worthwhile.
the diligent dog walkers were warmly bundled up!
This morning by 7am, no sign of the sun except for a glow on the horizon, but a bright new moon was rising.
The air is crisp and lovely, not biting, just fresh.
I love the Panorama program that came with our cameras for stitching shots together...
And as a bonus, the view from my studio window, I love those bare branches on the Maples, and the silhouette of the lovely old Erica Building to the left.
Cheers, enjoy your day!


Sheila said...

I'm still entertained by the fact it is winter there, and 31c here..!

Janet said...

I'm like Sheila....we're expecting over 100º today!! Your photos are gorgeous and I love the last one showing the city lights off in the distance.

Ali Honey said...

Oh you have been so busy while I have not been visiting. It took me ages to catch up.I liked your photo of the Valley of Desolation much more than the painting. You really took a beauty.
Is the powder blue rock Dolerite as well?
I really grinned at your comment......"as seen normally" opposed to to your shots! Great!

Suzi-k said...

31 degrees? I didn't think of Canada as being that hot, even in summer! We live and learn!
Yes, Janet, those lights are my best, especially because it is actually an ugly part of town in reality, so it seems magical to me how they transform into this fairyland at night!
Ali, the rocks are the same brownish colour, just photographed 1 in the sun and 1 in deep shadow so the camera modified it.