Saturday, June 02, 2007

yay yippee yay

yeeeeee haaaaa, we finally have adsl at home!
I applied for a "set it up yourself" special offer, what was I thinking? I mean when it comes to computer literacy, let's just say I am slowly emerging from the dark ages. Anyway, with the help of an extremely patient guy on the Telkom helpline, I eventually got it all set up, and even created a new wireless network. So now Max and I are both happily online, and I can stop feeling guilty everytime I want to blog because recently I have been going online on my cellphone (I think you call them mobiles elsewhere?) which costs a small fortune!

So now that the office is 99% shut down, and the paintings for the exhibition mostly done, I will be able to indulge in some serious blog surfing and more frequent visits to existing blog friends. Get the coffee and cake ready, I'll be popping in soon!


Sheila said...

Hi Sue, great news...I'll put the coffee on..!
BTW..those leaves are 'lamb's ears' and I just found out from another blog, that it is a herb. Where it would be used I have no idea.

RUTH said...

Will have the kettle on ready for you!