Friday, June 15, 2007

meet the artists

I am still on such a roll with the painting, you can see the 5 new ones I did yesterday on arty-farty-musings!!!

At the gallery this morning we had a "meet the artists" tea. It was great because the other 2 artists were Frans Boekkooi and Rick Bekker, both of whom, apart from being seriously cute guys, are well known and accomplished artists. So it was cool for me, as the relative rookie (well, new to full time art anyway) to be in such good company.

There was also a very nice review in the Afrikaans paper (die Burger) today, and sales are still good, in fact the Exhibition is going so well that it has been extended to the 25th June! So all in all I am really thrilled by how the whole thing is going. (And, I might add, relieved! It was a big step closing the interior design business in order to paint full time, and this response to the exhibition is so gratifying and it seems like confirmation that I have done the right thing
Rick, Sue, Frans. ......If you are interested to see their work, go to the SouthAfricanArtists website and look up their names, they are very talented!
BTW I have also set up a page on that website, you can find it HERE)
So bye for now, I'm off to do another painting :)


Sheila said...

I just checked out your new pieces Sue. Very nice indeed..!
I love the buildings, I find I am drawn to these subjects everytime, and your style is very eye catching..
Good stuff..!

RUTH said...

I took a look too..well done. I'm really pleased that everything's going well and having the exhibition extended must be a real boost.

Suzi-k said...

Thanks (Big wide smile!) BTW if you wonder why I am half smiling, half grimacing, it is because while the photo was being taken, Frans was tickling me and Rick was pulling on my earring!

Shirley Goodwin said...

I wanna couple of cute blokes too!

muddy red shoes said...

yes the blokes look great and the paintings too, I love the trees, happy arty farting xx

Ali Honey said...

Congratulations - great paintings. I think you made the right choice - Go for it!
( I love that pale blue you use on the child's shirt at the beach! )